Erwin Zimmerman, 48 years old, married to Ellen and living in Eindhoven. Together we are proud parents of 3 sportive teenage sons; Thijmen, Jesper and Pepijn.

After studying Fiscal Law at the University of Maastricht, I started my career as a fiscal expert at Govers in Eindhoven. Advising individuals and entrepreneurs on income taxes was my core task.

Then I started at Rabobank as a mortgage advisor. This way I was actively involved with clients and their financial plans regarding housing. This in combination with the fiscal issues that that raises. My career shifted to investments. People with assets. And their plans and goals. How can we best achieve that? A nice issue to be involved in.

After that, I became Asset & Mortgage Advice Manager. In this position, I saw hundreds of mortgage applications pass by from private individuals and entrepreneurs. Of course, these assessments gave me a lot of knowledge and now also help me to make an application more promising. I discussed the possibilities for clients with advisors. Where any difficulties lie and how best to solve them for the client.

I also talked a lot to customers myself, about their assets. Got to know them well. What wishes do they have, what drives them? And so, depending on the customer's wishes, we looked at how we could best organise their assets.

Through my years of experience, I know how the markets move. What moves people, what wishes and dreams are. How to deliver tailor-made solutions. And how to make more return with less risk. Driven, involved and quality, that's what I stand for. I see every conversation as an opportunity. To get to know you and to see what I can do for you. With my broad knowledge of mortgages, investments and asset planning, I am able to relieve you of all your worries. From A to Z. And so you can rely on an highly competent and reliable advice.

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Gileons carrière startte na zijn afstuderen aan de hbo-opleiding Sport, Economie en Communicatie als junior hypotheekadviseur bij een landelijke intermediarsketen. Tegelijkertijd rondde hij in de avonduren zijn opleiding tot erkend hypotheek- en financieel adviseur af. Al snel werd hij een senior-adviseur waarbij hij een coachende en begeleidende rol naar andere hypotheekadviseurs kreeg. Hij verdiepte zijn kennis toen hij complexe financierings- en vermogensvraagstukken ging behandelen. Het ging daarbij om zowel particulieren als ondernemers. Enkele jaren terug startte Gileon als zelfstandige en vervulde hij landelijk veel opdrachten bij banken.

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