Financial Advice

Trust and attention.
Important if you share your financial wishes, goals and plans. That you can rely on knowledge and commitment. And that you can arrange everything with one person. I would like to get to know you, what drives you and what your wishes are. You know what you want and when you want to achieve your goals. I know how we can do that. Which choice is best for you? What is better, build up capital, take out a pension or pay off your mortgage? Or do you, as an SME, need business financing? Let's discuss it together!

Building up capital.
Do you want to increase your return and reduce your risk? Saving or investing in real estate. Or invest anyway? In shares or bonds? And which provider fits? Many providers, many mixed funds. Which fund managers have performed well? And what costs do they have? Not unimportant, because 2% cost is a large part at 5% return.

Together we will look at your investment knowledge and experience. We will look at your current financial position. And your risk appetite. Because there are risks involved in investing. High risks give you a better chance of achieving a better result. But also a higher chance of losses. At which risks will you still sleep well?

Tailored advice.
When we have a clear idea of what you want and how you want it, I will send you a detailed step-by-step plan. We also agree on how we will stay in touch with each other about all developments. I will then monitor your portfolio, monitor the risks and together we will apply changes when necessary. In order to achieve the highest possible return, within the risk that suits you.